Here There be Monsters

A lifetime had passed since we left port,

Cutting like a silent knife meant to kill

Over sea, in this place where the ocean is still

And the passing reflections of the stars distort

As we sail the length of the cosmos’ veil

Though there are stars that light our way

The trail of Polaris, towards whom we sail

Pisces sends us quickly and scatters the spray

Herakles ever ready to rouse for war

Flanked by Sagittarius, the proud centaur


On we rode, when I looked down below

A shape slowly rising as the wind ceased to blow

A beast unseen, but enormous in size

That did not reflect the twilight skies

The mottled lights snuffed out one by one

By the serpent born to eat the sun

It moved not through the oceans tread

But sailed the stars, on wings of dread




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