Song of Unity

The petals fly over the ocean
The flowers are bright on the land
What powers did once divide them
With great strength and also soft hands

I once wrote a song for the sailors
A ditty that spoke of the sea
They told me they sang it in storms
And it filled their hearts with great peace

I once wrote a song for the merchants
A tune that spun tales of far lands
They told me it gave them nightmares
But the journeys were never bland

I will write a song about both things
One that inspires every soul
So tell me what to write, and I will
A song that makes everything whole

Bodies in Transit

I sit quietly in terminal B11
My flight doesn’t leave til’ seven
But there’s plenty to see here
In this waiting room before the air
The flying alone does not scare me
But the crowds give me anxiety
So I watch, and I wait, all alone
Praying to catch the next flight home


The hate that sparks inside my heart
An icy spear, it pierces and tears apart
The fleeting feeling oh so dear to me
Even fires of Hell from which all flee
Are naught compared to the cold unfeeling
Not a person at all, reduced to a thing

Song of Mercy

Mercy hold me now
I missed the mark
What’s do be done
When the archer’s shot
‘Round target passes
But another shot taken
May find the mark

So mercy,
Mercy hold me now
I wait for impact
And a bloody dawn
Time has frozen
So that this moment
Is perhaps the longest
I have ever known

Mercy now


Song of a Mourning Race

The sun has now gone

Said the still morning

Though what’s done is done

And no use in mourning

They cannot stay emotion

The fleeting lives remaining

Once children of the ocean

Without sun they are waning

What in this world could parallel

The sweet knell of the snow falling

I must be calling to the very sky

Wondering why the world is turning

And a heart yearning to know more

Is sure to find it in the bitter end

But it never does seem to end

Winter sun, winter moon

Make me what you will

All that is, some day soon,

Fades fast and finds the kill

Winter moon cries at night

Its tears compose the snow

Once we all could see the light

Oh where did the kind sun go?

Song of Lost Sunrise

Wind, wind
Course and blow
Bring us, bring us
Cold and snow

What soon makes even strong boughs break
Will shake the world beneath its wake
Though come morning, these eyes will close
Where we go, the priest says he knows
But I keep my doubt deep in my heart
From life I’d wish to not now depart

Wonder, wonder
Til’ the dawn
Wander, wander
Hung and drawn

Song of Regret

Queen of the icy realm
Would you be mine?
If I won your heart
With dulcet rhyme?

I may be young, and full of hope
Lost in streams of snow
But the love I offer is of the sun
Beckoning life to grow

No, a love-struck fool
Seeking bitter fruits
Beware the burning heart
Poisoning nature’s roots

Now I’m old, and bitter as frost
Like the fruit I tasted
If only I’d know, and chosen wisely
Life is not to be wasted

Song of Remembrance

I walked this morning to the gallows
My father there awaited me
He told me, son, that graves are shallow
The moon is gone, though still she calls my name

So tread ye’ not in darkest hollows
For she is there and knows your pain
Beware the day, beware what follows
Obscuring fog and shrouding rain

The sun is hanging ever higher
The shadows grow as daylight wanes
The hangman’s noose has stole my father
And gilded green with shades of gray

Now day is gone, and spring is over
A silent world where memory fades
Sleep ye’ well as the snow falls
Slumber deep, and sing my name

I walked this morning to the gallows
Where long ago my father hung
In bare earth, his body swallowed
To sing my song once more to his grave


Withering pines, whispering wind
Breaks the night with callous din
What silence speaks in darkest corners
Drowned by forests full of mourners
Another friend fallen, rent and hewed
So spoke the forest, we go to our doom