Musings about Trees


“Tree, keep on growing

Gaze down upon the cold crowds

In red judgement crowned”

I tend to think of trees as these gargantuan, stately creatures that loom over the horizon with a certain eternal constant kind of vibe associated with them. Things that, more often than not, are far older than us, and will most likely still outlive us if they have the opportunity to grow and live unhindered by the industrial world. It is that very ancient nature that had me thinking about what it must be like to be a tree; trunk supporting a massive frame of various branches all dotted with leaves that gravitate towards the sunlight, all high above the heads of humans. Just as we tend to overlook these fixtures of our world, I wonder if they do not also overlook us, in their own right.

And so, the trees keep on growing, and the most we tend to see of them is the fantastic seasonal changes that occur during the fall. Vibrant hues of yellows, oranges, and reds, all fluttering down from the highest boughs in the trees to the ground where we walk. Now, I know that this is a biological process for trees as they enter a period of cooler climates, but it’s fun to imagine the leaves almost as little letters to us. Humans, though often forgotten by the trees, receive little missives every now and then, little greetings that remind us both of our relationships to each other. I would hope that the trees would have some kind words to say, but who really knows.

This featured poem, along with many others, are out on Amazon now as an ebook called Sweet Shadows, by Samuel Canerday. If you are also interested in the thoughts of trees and the nature of their ancient existence, please check out the book on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Musings about Trees

  1. I love this thought in your writing: “but it’s fun to imagine the leaves almost as little letters to us”. Listening to trees, to commune with them, if we could really listen through the sounds and clanking noises of busy lives, it would be a long, long story they are trying to tell us, such wisdom they have.


  2. Nicely penned Samuel…I love the idea that the leaves are letters from trees to us…indeed we do have a relationship as we do with all the earth…makes one appreciate the importance of nurturing that relationship, caring for the trees as they care for us providing shade, beauty and oxegen as well as protecting against floods with the thirsty roots. Like any relationship if care is not given the relationship suffers…perhaps the leaves (letters) are reminders of that…well done.


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